Maintenance is Key: Clean engines equal peak performances

“Keep Your Tractors and Other Diesel Engines Running at High Performance”

Maintenance is Key: Clean engines equal peak performances

Tractors and other diesel engines on a farm can require significantly less fuel when they are regularly cared for. Achieving and maintaining the peak performance of your engine results in higher fuel efficiency, reduced maintenance expenses, and an extended engine life.

Being proactive about the maintenance of your diesel engine also saves you from headaches and unexpected problems. Putting off minor maintenance may seem trivial, but it can actually cause more expensive repairs later on. Regular preventative maintenance reduces overall engine costs, increases safety, increases the lifespan of the engine, and improves its performance.

Incorporating these small maintenance tips into your servicing routine will keep your engine running at its best.

Check Tire Pressures Frequently

Low tire pressure combined with heavy use results in increased fuel consumption. Don’t wait until your tires look too low. Check your tires on a weekly basis during periods of heavy use. In addition, worn tires can cause an increase in fuel consumption due to poor traction and slips. Make sure to replace tires with excessive wear.

Reduce Idling Time

Studies have shown that significant fuel savings result from not idling diesel engines more than ten minutes. Make an effort to reduce idling time so as to not disrupt the engine’s temperature balance or wear down its internal components too fast. It’s best to turn off your engine if you believe you’re going to be stationary for a long period of time.

Change Your Fuel Filters and Air Filters

Check your fuel and air filters on a regular basis. Dirt and other small particles can ruin fuel injector systems. Dirty air filters restrict the airflow needed for your engine’s combustion process, resulting in increased fuel consumption. Frequently checking and servicing your air filters and fuel filters improves your engine’s performance and increases its lifespan.

Monitor Your Coolant

Diesel engines operate under extremely hot conditions. Make sure you always have the appropriate amounts of fresh, clean coolant to get rid of unnecessary heat. Coolant turns acidic over time, and as a result, it can rot your engine’s cooling system. Regular servicing to check coolant levels and replace coolant is an easy way to ensure your engine runs smoothly and can prevent bigger issues with other engine components later on.

At Crossley’s Automotive Machine Shop Service, our team’s years of experience, expertise, and innovation will help increase your engine’s horsepower, performance, and reliability. Contact us for more information about our services and how we can get your engine running its best.

Is Your Tractor’s Performance Sub-Par? Crossley Automotive Machine Shop Can Help

Love your tractor but dissatisfied with its performance? You likely have to look no further than its engine block. The engine block is one of the engine’s central, most important components. It contains the cylinder heads and crankcase and works to allow fuel in for more ignition, before compressing down exhaust to allow for it to effectively burn. When properly operating at the highest capacity, it has many benefits such as peak performance, reduced downtime, reduced maintenance expenses, high fuel efficiency, and extended life. This can often be achieved with oversizing. 

Improving Your Engine Block

Oversizing increases the engine’s power by shaping bigger bores and outfitting them with larger pistons so that they are able to take in more fuel and burn more exhaust at once. While it may sound like a simple process, it is quite tedious. You may have the inclination to try it yourself, but even the slightest mistake with grinding the piston rings will lead to oil being pumped into your spark plugs. Then you will be forced to start all over again, wasting both time and money. 

An Engine Machine Shop That Can Help

At Crossley Machines, our auto mechanics know how important it is to have your tractor running at peak level performance. We take on the oversizing process for you. From grinding out and relining the bores, to fitting the oversized piston rings just right, we know how to improve your engine. Using top-notch precision, we ensure that there will be zero oil leaks in the combustion chamber, and make sure that there are no deposits clogging the oil and coolant lines so that they can flow freely without restriction. 

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If you are tired of having a tractor with sub-par experience, making your use of it – whether for crops or racing – slower and more difficult, it may be time for you to upgrade and oversize your engine block. Crossley Automotive Machine shop has been offering many fantastic services since 1994. From engine assembly, to flow-bench testing, and from circle track engines and off road racing engines, to the restoration of engines, including diesel and small engines, we know our stuff. Let us help make your engine better. To learn more or schedule an appointment, you visit us online, call us at 570-784-1661, or email us at today!