5 Routine Maintenance Tips for a Healthy Tractor

No matter how dependable your tractor may be, you still need to perform regular inspection to make sure all parts are in working order for smooth, safe operation. Performing regular maintenance and routine inspections is what can prevent major breakdowns and expensive repairs in the future. As we enter peak harvest season, it is doubly important to make sure your tractor is in good shape.

Let’s look at 5 routine maintenance tips that will increase your tractor’s longevity and performance.

Refill the Tank and Keep Fluids Topped Off

If your tank has leftover fuel still inside from its idle months, it’s time to drain the excess and refill the tank with a fresh gas supply. Refilling the gas tank reduces the risk of condensation building up in the tank, which can wreak havoc on the engine. In addition, make sure other fluids, such as hydraulic fluid, coolant, transmission fluid, and oil, are topped off. This will keep your tractor healthy and running without any hiccups.

Check the Air Filter

Tractors are exposed to tons of dirt and dust kick up as you drive through fields, back roads, and gravel paths. Your air filter’s job is to keep all that dirt and dust away from the engine. However, your air filter can easily become clogged and harm your engine’s health, making your engine work way harder than it needs to. Every couple days, take the time to check your air filter and see where it is at.

Inspect the Battery

When tractors have been idle for many months, they battery will usually discharge. If you find your battery’s juices are low, revive them with a high-powered charger. Examine your battery for any corrosion or residue, and give it a cleaning if it needs it. When your tractor’s battery is in the best possible condition, it takes the stress off the alternator and makes sure a full charge is maintained while the tractor operates.

Examine the Tires

One of the most important things you can do for your tractor is regularly check and monitor the condition of its tires. Tires kept in good condition will keep your tractor running longer and increase your tractor fuel efficiency. Assess your tires for cracks in the rubber in addition to any possible punctures from nails, thorns, wood, or metal shards. While checking on the condition of your tires, also verify the tire air pressure is at an optimal level.

Scan the Drive Belts

Inspect your tractor’s drive belt for cracks, abrasions dirt, grease, oils, or any foreign matter that could impact traction and cause slippage. The drive belt powers all your tractor’s internal functions, so when something is wrong with your belt, it will affect your entire tractor’s performance.


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