Engine Rebuild

5 Signs It May Be Time for an Engine Rebuild, Replacement, or Repair

Your engine is basically the heart of your vehicle—the living, beating thing that connects and powers everything. And just like a human heart, it requires meticulous care to run its best. However, even with routine maintenance, your vehicle will become more vulnerable to engine trouble as it gets older and puts on more miles. There may be a time when your engine may need to be rebuilt or replaced to run its best.

How can you tell if your engine could be ready for a rebuild? Here are a few common signs.

Increased Exhaust Smoke

Your tailpipe shouldn’t have large, noticeable amounts of smoke blowing out of it. If oil burns with gasoline, it will cause your exhaust smoke to be a very white color. This often happens due to worn piston rings. Worn piston rings allow oil to drip into the cylinders to be burned with the gas. If oil is being burned, it means the engine isn’t being properly lubricated. Dark, black smoke and blue tailpipe smoke also frequently foretell engine problems.

Loud Engine Noises

Have you heard a banging, knocking, or clattering sound coming from your engine? Poorly lubricated or failing engine bearings start making a loud, banging racket.

Metal Flakes in Engine Oil

If you change your oil yourself or have it done by an auto shop, make sure to inspect the old oil for metal flakes. Metal flakes in your oil means there is too much metal-on-metal friction happening in the engine. Consequently, there may be parts in the engine that are warped or there isn’t optimal oil flow within the engine.

Excessive Oil Consumption

Do you find that your engine oil runs low much too quickly? If there isn’t a leak, then poorly sealed pistons could be the culprit. Poorly sealed pistons allow engine oil to burn with gasoline.

Loss of Compression

Loss of compression is a major indicator of internal engine problems. It could mean worn piston rings, burnt exhaust valves, a cracked cylinder head, and more.

Contact Crossley’s Machine Shop

Is your engine running sub-par? Crossley’s Machine Shop knows how to help. Whether it’s an engine rebuild, repair, or replacement, our experience and expertise will increase your engine’s horsepower, performance, and reliability. Call us at 570-784-1661 or email us at [email protected] to discuss our services or a project with us.

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