Engine Mileage

A Look at Engine Mileage Today

Engine Mileage Today

For the basic, everyday driver, an engine takes a lot of abuse with stop-and-go traffic, rapid starts and stops, and— let’s be honest—a lack of appropriate engine maintenance in the case of many vehicle owners.

With those things in mind, maybe they don’t build cars like they used to, and traffic is also different than it used to be. As a result, our expectations when it comes to cars and engine mileage is also different. Still, the engine mileage life expectancy of cars today is around 200,000 miles, which for most drivers is typically around 10 years.

Understanding Vehicle Lifespan

The average lifespan of a car used to be a maximum of eight years while engine mileage averaged around 150,000. So maybe it isn’t that they don’t build cars like they used to, but because we sit in traffic a lot more today than we used to. The starting, stopping, and idling has factored in there as well. With that in mind, comparing engine hours to engine mileage may be the better way to gauge how well an engine serves you.

The Effect of Driving on Your Engine

Idling affects the engine hours and the wear on the engine mileage. As you sit at a red light with your engine idling, you’re not rolling the odometer. This means the mileage isn’t being clocked, yet the engine is still being used. Sixty minutes of idling is equal to approximately 30 in engine mileage. Though we don’t typically sit at one signal light for 60 minutes, how many red lights do you sit at going to and from work and for how long? And how much does all that time add up to?

For as long as anyone can remember, measuring the condition of a car through engine mileage was the benchmark. Today, those in the automotive industry have determined that may not be the best method. Instead, using hours the car is driven may be the better judge. When a vehicle is spending more time at an idle, it only makes sense that the hours-to-miles ratio should be used for determining a preventive maintenance schedule.

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