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Engine Overhaul vs. Engine Remanufacturing

Customers are faced with many challenges in today’s car market—from vehicle availability to prices. If your vehicle breaks down, people may not realize they also have the option to rebuild or remanufacture their engine rather than scrambling to buy a new vehicle.

When you have engine problems, two terms you may hear are “engine overhaul” and “engine remanufacturing.” But what do both of those really mean?

What is an Engine Overhaul?

Engine overhauls are usually needed to fix the engine problems that signal failure, such as white smoke coming from the tailpipe, a knocking noise when accelerating, excessive fuel usage, and more.

When an engine overhaul is needed, the mechanic will take the entire engine apart, clean the parts, and then replace any damaged or worn parts with factory-approved parts before putting it back together. The engine must be lifted out of the car, so every bolt and nut can be easily reached and inspected.

Some mechanics will refer to an engine overhaul as an “in-chassis rebuild” if only require the top part of the engine needs to be rebuilt, which means the engine would not have to be pulled from the vehicle. They would replace engine components, such as cylinders, pistons, and piston rings.

Engine overhauls are extensive but can reap major benefits like upgrading performance, improving fuel efficiency, and extending the engine’s lifespan. Plus, when it comes to it, choosing an engine overhaul can be much more affordable than purchasing a new vehicle.

What is Engine Remanufacturing?

Engine remanufacturing requires using the blueprints and specifications from the manufacturer to remanufacture the engine back to its original condition when it came off the assembly line. It is the next closest thing to buying a crate engine from the factory.

The main difference between an engine overhaul and engine remanufacturing is that the engine overhaul is repaired up to the level of failure. This means that whatever was causing the engine to fail was taken apart and rebuilt with new components. However, the rest of the engine is left intact. A remanufactured engine, on the other hand, is restored to as close as new as possible.

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  1. Victoria Addington
    Victoria Addington says:

    It’s great that you explained that excessive fuel usage can be fixed through engine overhauls. My friend told me that his car is consuming above normal fuel. I think he should let an expert in engine overhauls inspect the car for proper repair.


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