Crossley’s Automotive Machine Shop Service is a full service automotive machine shop providing a wide variety of engine machining services.  With nearly 25 years combined experience and the inherited knowledge of the founder, Gary Crossley, the machinists can work on anything from stock rebuilds to full-blown modified engines.  From everyday drivers, classic rebuilds, to top-of-the-line performance engines, our machinists work on a multitude of motors over various applications.


With the entrepreneurial insight and over 35 seasoned years of experience, Gary’s idea of Crossley’s Automotive was born.  In the garage of a small ranch home near Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania, the entire Crossley clan pitched in to help this start-up business flourish.  In 1994 Crossley’s Automotive Machine Shop Service moved to a larger facility.   Gary had the insight to include his family in this exciting endeavor; most importantly his son, Keith, became his apprentice and eventually partner.  Providing quality service and utilizing their expertise, Gary and Keith built this company into a highly-respected, home-town business.


Today, Keith takes great pride in carrying on Gary’s legacy maintaining the ideals and customer service of a local business, yet providing the high-quality service expected of “big business.”  Expanding on Gary’s vision, Keith mentored and hired, Marr Woodruff, a local vocational student who upon graduation joined Crossley’s Automotive full-time.  Marr has been with the business since 2010, bringing fresh ideas to the table.  His enthusiasm for high-performance diesel engines and tractor pulling is a great asset to the type of work we do.


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