Tractor Pulling

Need to Tune Up Your Pulling Performance? Here’s Where to Start

Roaring engines, the smell of exhaust, and the sudden explosion of force—this, in short, is tractor pulling.

Tractor pulling is known as the world’s heaviest motorsport, and unlike other motorsports, it is not about speed, but distance. Based on horsepower and torque alone, it is truly a powerful, rigorous, and demanding sport. It is incredible watch the raw power required to get those thousands of pounds moving in the first place.

The competition-level tractors may look like standard farm equipment, but the similarities stop at the basic body and tires. For peak horsepower and torque, competition-level tractors must be modified to generate as much power and momentum as possible, especially as the sled gets heavier and heavier with every foot it moves down the track.

Where to Start?

Obviously, it is critical for competitors to start strong with maximum momentum, especially when they strain for that final inch or two at the end of the pull. So what does your tractor’s performance all come down to? The modified engine.

Tractor Pulling: The Modified Class

In order to compete, a tractor’s engine must be modified and customized to meet the physical demands of tractor pulling. This means using a standard farm tractor with a non-tractor engine. Examples of non-tractor engines include: drag racing types, jet turbines, aircraft engines, industrial engines, and many more configurations. Sometimes even multiple engines are used, which are usually called multi-engine mod pullers. In the modified class, almost anything goes with a combination of engines, gearboxes, and axles.

Contact Crossley’s Machine Shop

Want to modify your engine and get closer to a full pull? Crossley’s Automotive Machine Shop has you covered. We know there is much more to building a high-performance engine than picking out parts. With our background in tractor pulling, we can increase your modified engine’s horsepower, performance, and reliability.

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