Winter Tractor Maintenance

Winterizing Your Tractor

Will your tractor be stationary or in use during winter? The colder temperatures can create issues for farm equipment. Whether you put your tractor to use or store it, you need to prepare it for the drop in temperature to maintain it and ensure it continues to operate at its best.

Standard Maintenance Procedures for Winter

Whether you plan on using your tractor daily or only occasionally, there are some crucial maintenance steps that need to be performed.

  • Apply grease to all moving parts, shafts, joints, hinges, etc.
  • Check pipes of hydraulic system. Look for any cracks or leaks of fluid.
  • Examine battery and make sure it is in working condition.
  • If your tractor is in use for winter, switch to a winter-grade fuel and keep the fuel tank topped off.
  • Changing the oil before winter will make it easier to flush out the sediment. Since oil thickens in cold weather, it makes it more difficult to start the engine. When you replace the old oil, opt for oil designed for winter or thinner-weight oil.
  • Visibility is important in winter as the sun sets earlier. Look over your tractor’s lights and replace any bulbs that have burnt out.
  • As temperatures decrease, so does tire pressure. Check your tractor’s tire air pressure often.
  • Check tire tread, too. Good tire tread is critical if you will be operating in snowy or icy conditions.
  • Always let your engine and fuel warm up before putting your tractor to use in the winter.
  • Run your tractor every few days to prevent problems with fuel sitting for too long.

Tips for Storing Tractor

If you are not using your tractor in the winter, it is important to prepare it for storage and to store it safely. Even if your tractor will be completely stationary for winter, it needs to be cleaned, inspected, and repaired.

  • If you plan on parking, then your tractor needs a deep clean. Thoroughly wash your tractor with a pressure washer to remove all dirt and residue, which can cause corrosion and rust if not removed.
  • Clean engine oil and filters. Clean filters.
  • Empty fuel tank or use anti-freeze.
  • Drain different parts of your tractor. If storing, no liquid should be left in the tank.
  • Disconnect and store battery.
  • Park in a heated garage whenever possible. If you must park your tractor outside, use and cover and position it facing the morning sun.

Daily Winter Checklist

Your tractor’s lifespan depends on how well you stay on top of maintenance. The better you maintain your tractor, the longer it will run. Here are a few things to regularly check if you plan on operating your tractor in winter. Regularly check:

  • Coolant and engine oil levels
  • Transmission oil and hydraulic oil levels
  • Cleanliness of fuel filter
  • Fuel or oil leaks
  • Various lubrication points
  • The brakes

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